Work visas are available for the purposes of undertaking long-term employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Authorisation by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have been obtained by the sponsor company in Saudi Arabia. The nationality and the job title must be identical to the details given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authorization.

The first thing you should do is have your qualification verified by the Saudi Cultural Attaché, as this can take some time to obtain.

You can begin that process by going to and following their instructions – a short guide to the process is at the end of this document. VMS can carry out this service for you for a fee. Once it is in process, we suggest you book into our offices for your medical appointment.

To process the work visa, the documents we will need are:

  • Valid biometric passport with a double blank page and at least one further blank page for exit and entry stamps.

  • Completed application form (can be completed at our offices).

  • Completed consent form (can be completed at our offices).

  • Completed Medical (can be completed at our offices, we have an appointment system, please email for suitable times, etc.)

  • 4 colour photos on a white background.

  • Copy of qualification verified and stamped by the Saudi Cultural Attaché (see below for method).

  • Copy of block visa.

  • If you have worked in Saudi Arabia before you will need a letter of recommendation from your previous Saudi employer. This must be stamped of a Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

  • Police Certificate from This must be less than 30 days old at the time of lodging the visa application. We can no longer supply a Police Clearance from any Country other than the UK. They must be applied for in the UK using the ACRO link.

  • If you have a ‘No Live Trace’ on your Police Certificate, then you will need to also supply a Subject Access Report (also from the ACRO site).

UKSACB basic process

before you begin you will need sub-500mb PDF copies of:

  • Your passport information page

  • Your consent letter (template) – giving the SACB permission to access your education history

  • Your Employer SACB request – a formal letter in (we recommend in Arabic), stamped by the chamber of commerce, from your employer to the SACB requesting that they process your qualification.

  • Your academic certificate

You will also need to email the records department of your university to confirm your study and degree attainment, you must copy in the address and ask the records department to also copy in the address when responding. This will begin the attestation process for the SACB and significantly reduce your process time.

Documents you need:

The Process


Choose ‘new applicants’

register an account – click registration

Details required:



Contact number

Account type – select personal

Set a password

Click register and an email will be sent to the address your provided – you will need to copy and paste the registration link into your browser – which will take you to the confirmation page on the SACB website.

Click the ‘go to dashboard’ tab and then ‘New Application’ which will take you to a new page

you will be asked to select ‘Application type’ – choose the option which best reflects the certificate you intend to upload.

This will take you to the submission page, fill your personal details and those of your certificate. if your certifying body is not on the available dropdown list you will need to email and await confirmation before proceeding any further.

You will then need to upload your certificate, consent letter (template), letter from your employer and your passport information page copy

Click submit and the SACB will confirm your application via email. The process can take between 2 weeks and 6 months – you are able to check your pending applications at the site and can email them for updates if you are concerned about how the application is progressing.

Once you have all the documentation, please post to




If you have any questions please email or call the office 0207 224 2843/486 2701

Travel Advice @FCOtravel

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