Quality Policy Statement


It is the policy of Visa Medical Services to provide our services in an efficient, effective and controlled manner. This will be achieved by total awareness of our documented procedures, understanding our overall objectives and by each member of the Company recognising their individual role within the company.

In conjunction with the company’s health and safety and environmental policies we are committed to continual improvement with regard to the management and control of quality issues relating to all company activities and to satisfy applicable requirements. To reinforce this commitment our Quality Management System (QMS) is based on ISO9001:2015 principles and operates in all areas of the company. The effectiveness of the QMS is monitored by internal audits, management reviews and effective corrective and preventive action.

The Managing Director recognises that specified, communicated, measured and reviewed objectives for quality, environment and health and safety can be achieved through senior management leadership, adequate financial and physical resources being made available and with the co-operation and commitment of all employees, customers and suppliers to ensure we achieve this.

We will strive to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of our customers by providing services of the highest quality.

We will provide maximum support and guidance at all times to ensure employees fully understand the Quality Management System and will also provide an environment in which they are motivated to realise their full potential. All employees will be encouraged to utilise their knowledge and expertise to assist the Company in achieving continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

A process approach has been adopted in establishing the Quality Management System. These processes will be managed as a single system of interconnected processes to ensure they deliver the Company objectives.

A factual approach will be used to ensure that all decisions are based on the analysis of data and information rather than opinion or emotion.

We will develop alliances with our customers and work with them to jointly improve performance.

This policy and the objectives of the Company will be reviewed at least annually, more often whenever a need is identified.

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