Medical Test

Medical Appoitment

Discover Our Work and Visa Medical Test Services

At VMS, we offer specialized medical test services tailored to meet the requirements of your work and visa applications. Our experienced team provides efficient and accurate testing, ensuring a seamless process for your application.

Our Services Include:
- Personalized Consultation: Our experts guide you through the required tests, addressing your concerns and ensuring clarity.
- Comprehensive Physical Examination: Thorough evaluations of your health and fitness, performed by our skilled physicians.
- Specialized Laboratory Testing: Advanced blood screenings for infectious diseases and detailed analysis of vital health indicators.
- Radiology Services: Convenient access to chest X-rays for respiratory assessments.
- Vaccination Verification and Counseling: Verification of immunization records and guidance on meeting requirements.
- Efficient Documentation: Professionally prepared medical reports and certificates for your application.

Experience convenience, privacy, and peace of mind with our streamlined medical test services. Contact VMS today to schedule an appointment and move forward confidently with your work or visa application.

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