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Business Visa

For travelers who want to visit Libya doing business.

Visa Application Requirements
  1. Passport – The applicant’s actual signed passport. The passport must:
    • Have at least one blank visa page.
    • Be valid for six months beyond entry date.
    • Be free of any entry or exit stamps from Israel.
  2. Photographs: Two recent color passport-style photos on high-quality paper, 35mm by 45mm, against a white background.
  3. Proof of Approval – This must be provided as a copy of the visa reference number from Libya.
  4. UK Business Support Letter – from the applicant’s UK company. This letter must:
    • Include the full name, address and contact details of the host.
    • Specify requested visa type.
    • Specify the purpose and duration of stay.
    • Include an acceptance of financial responsibility for the applicant.
    • Be signed by the applicant’s host.
    • Be issued within the last three months.
  5. Copy of Passport – A clear colour photocopy of the information page(s) from the applicant’s passport.
  6. Visa Application Form – One fully completed and signed application form.
  7. Visa Conditions – Entry to Libya must be within 45 days of visa issuance.

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