Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement


It is the policy of Visa Medical Services to provide our services in an efficient, effective and controlled manner. This will be achieved by total awareness of our documented procedures, understanding our overall objectives and by each member of the Company recognising their individual role within the company.

In conjunction with the company’s health and safety and quality assurance policies we are committed to continual improvement to enhance performance with regard to the management and control of environmental issues relating to all company activities and to fulfil its compliance obligations. To reinforce these commitments our Environmental Policy operates in all areas of the company. The effectiveness of the Environmental Policy is monitored by planned audits, management reviews and effective corrective and preventive action.

This policy has been developed, and is actively supported, by the Managing Director of the company to ensure the company meets and exceeds the expectations of its customers, employees, the local community and the general public regarding environmental matters. Sufficient financial and physical resources are made available to ensure this is achieved.

The company will meet the requirements of all relevant regulations and legislation and where possible improve on the minimum requirements. Regular checks are made to identify any new or amended applicable legislation and action taken to incorporate these where required.

We have identified the environmental aspects and impacts relevant to our work activities and services and put in place measures to deal with those deemed to be significant.

All employees are trained to be fully aware of their responsibilities, thereby ensuring they are competent to control the work activities for which they are responsible.

This policy will be made available to members of the public, clients or other interested parties on request.

The company is committed to the protection of the environment, including prevention of pollution and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the company. We will help prevent pollution to land, air and water by reducing noise emissions to a level acceptable to all who work in or experience their effects and by monitoring our energy usage and consumption.

We will reduce waste production, increase recycling practices and promote environmentally responsible purchasing within the framework of our waste management practices.

Equipment will be purchased which is more environmentally friendly to the user and the public.

Any environmental concerns expressed by our employees, clients and the general public are evaluated and acted upon accordingly.

This policy will be reviewed at least annually or when current legislation demands. Any changes to the policy or objectives and targets will be implemented to ensure continual improvement in all work activities continues.

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